Les champs de bataille de la première guerre mondiale

Les champs de bataille de la première guerre mondiale

If you are a military history buff coming to France to see the D-Day Normandy Beaches, why don’t you take a few extra days for another private tour where our expert guides will take you to see other great battlefields here in western Europe?

World War One also offers in various regions of France a whole range of sites, even though lesser-known : battlefields, fortifications, cemeteries, memorials, etc.

The Somme, where the British and French Armies advanced only six miles in four and a half months in 1916 at a cost of 600,000 casualties.
Vimy Ridge, where the Canadian Army captured in only a few hours a strongly fortifiedposition that had defied French and British attempts at capture for the previous 2 years.
In Flanders, Ypres, Belgium is where the British troops were first under gas attacks and where the three long and terrible battles left the old town leveled.

Rethondes Forest where the Armistice was signed in November 1918 that ended officially the four-year long devastating war.
The Marne valley where Americans started to push the Germans back in the summer of 1918 and the Champagne region around the city of Reims.

The Meuse-Argonne area, where the American Army and Marines fought against the Germans in 1918.
In Lorraine,Verdun is where in 1916 the French and German Armies fought a savage battle that lasted for ten months.