Visitors center

1.	Built in 2007, the visitor center pays tribute to the values and sacrifices of the WWé generation

The Normandy Visitor Center was opened in 2007 by the American Battle Monuments Commission and was designed to put the D-Day invasion of June 1944 and the follow-on battle on the European Theater of Operations until May 1945 in perspective.

The exhibit concentrates around the Competence, the Courage and the Sacrifice of the Allied forces.

Discover the film “Letters’, various videos about D-day, Eisenhower or the Battle of Normandy, several short clips, many black & white pictures, narrative text, numerous artifacts and modern interactive displays.

At the reception, the cemetery staff will be there for general information or for assistance for family members visiting a grave. The computers in the main lobby have the database of all U.S soldiers buried overseas.