The beach of Trouville where the impressionists painted in the 19th century

Small fishing harbour on the mouth of the Touques river, it was discovered by some artists in their quest of returning to traditional and authentic life, far away from the big cities of the 19th C, turning noisy and dirty, because of the industrialization.
Becoming famous because of the numerous painters or authors who had fallen in love with the town, and the area, it attracted a lot of tourists and was transformed in a fancy beach-resort.
The first painters to discover Trouville were Charles Mozin, Eugene Isabey, Paul Huet. A lot of others followed like Eugene Boudin or Claude Monet who painted here Marines and colourful scenes of the elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen wandering along the boardwalk put on the sand.
You can sit down and have some fresh seafood, or walk along the port where the fishing boats are laying down on the silt at low tide. You can keep going in front of the casino until you get to the famous boardwalk named “les Planches” in French (the planks), which was created in order to preserve the very costly handmade shoes of the rich tourists.