Saint-Come-du-Mont and The DEAD MAN'S CORNER

Dead man's corner museum

As St Come “Of The Hill” overlooks the flooded marsh and the causeway leading to the town of Carentan, and as it was on the main N13 road, it did not take long for the Germans to decide to defend this village, in order to stop the U.S advance and prepare for their own counter-attack. Paratroopers of the 501 and 506 P.I.R faced Germans paratroopers… and liberated St Come on June 8.

The nearby road junction, where the body of Lt Anderson remained on top of the tank turret for hours, was rapidly nicknamed “The Dead Man’s Corner”. The museum here is in the house that the commander of the German 6th Airborne used as his headquarters when D-day started. The displays are German on the first level and American on the second.