Old port and bridge over the rance river, right under the city walls of Dinan

Built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Rance river, where a harbor has grown, the old city of Dinan is still partly surrounded by its medieval wall reinforced by 11 defense towers.
Inside the walled city, you go back to Middle Ages time, in the winding narrow cobbled streets dotted with granite or half-timbered homes. It’s easy to imagine the way people used to live here, when you read the names of the streets referring to the old craft jobs : the fismongers, the cobblers… It’s still an active city with a lot of shops, craftsmen, and restaurants.
During the visit, you will see the castle, the 15th C belfry, and different old churches, including St Sauveur, where has been buried the heart of the local hero : Bertrand Du Guesclin. He successfully led a lot of fights against the English during the Hundred Years War.
From the city wall, you will have an incredible view on the harbor and the Rance valley, and why not walking down along the incredible Jerzual street ?