Cider / Cheese Tasting

Cider / Cheese Tasting

Nothing is more important in France than a great nice meal... Gastronomy here has been an art of living for centuries and each region has developed its own specialties. Normandy is a land rich of agriculture, with an ideal climate for breeding dairy cows and growing apple.

Apple orchards in bloom in the spring offer an incredible postcard and fall is a very important season for harvesting the apples for cider. They must be quickly pressed and the 100% natural juice collected, that needs to be left fermenting until the middle of the winter : at last cider is ready ! Time to bottle it before consuming. A good proportion of the cider produced is distilled into a brandy, which needs years of aging in oak barrels in order to become the famous Normandy Calvados. Strong though fruity, it is more for sipping than drinking during the tasting ! We will also try the Pommeau, traditional aperitif drink, almost like a sweet apple wine.

Hard labor it is to milk the cows twice a day, but the farmers are rewarded by producing some of the best dairy produce in France, such as butter, "crème fraiche" and yogurt. We will taste the famous soft and creamy Normandy cheeses, including Camembert, Pont l'Evêque and Livarot.

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