Cancale fishing village and port, famous for its production of oysters

You will be amazed by Cancale, a small fishing harbor, nestling at the foot of granite cliffs, in the bay of Mont St Michel. Traditional granite houses, the oyster market, the smell of the sea, it’s so picturesque !
The sea ebbs from 4 to 9 miles, and the colorful boats lay down in the silt until the tide rises to let them float again. At high tide, the English Channel takes wonderful colors : emerald green, turquoise blue…
Take the time to try and eat the famous local oysters, already well-known at the time of the Romans in Antiquity ! Or maybe have lunch with mussels and French fries. Shrimps, prawns, crabs, lobster, crayfish, everything you will find here is locally fished, and so fresh !