Traversée de la Baie du Mont St Michel



In 2017, I wished to train and become one of only two certified guides of the bay able to guide in the Abbey.

We offer you a unique experience that consists of a commented crossing of the bay and a guided tour of the Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel with a single guide.

Together, we will safely live an unforgettable experience by playing around the quicksand, taking up the challenge of crossing the rivers.
Crossing the bay is an activity accessible to all, thousands of people do it every summer.

During the crossing, we will study together the geological, topographical and climatic evolution of this unique place in the world, by its size, its exposure to the currents and its tides, among the most important in the world.

Conditions of departure

Conditions of departure



Conditions of departure : 

  • A good physical shape, no foot or knee problems, prosthesis or heart problems, anything that will prevent the smooth running of the hike.
  • ARealizing the dangers present in the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel.

The decision of a departure will be made by the guide depending on the weather.


The crossing will not take place if:

  • The department of the Manche authorities declare an Orange alert for storms.
  • Fog blocks visibility at less than 500m.
  • The weather is too dangerous and the passage of rivers too complicated.


Appropriate equipment:

  • Appropriate clothing according to the weather: Windbreaker, sweater, shorts, hat.
  • Suitable equipment: Sunglasses, sunscreen, water, sugar.


Departure formalities:

  • The group must leave, on average, 3 hours after the full sea and return 2 hours before full, as a result of the coefficients, the judgment of the guide, as well as competent authorities on the spot.
  • Any person present in the bay must respect the protected ecosystem.
  • Any person present in the bay must respect the instructions given before hand, as well as those given in the field by his guide.
  • The guide is responsible for the safety of the group, if one of the members neglects security the guide is also responsible.