Foucarville-Beuzeville au Plain

Meehan’s C-47 crash monument at Beuzeville au Plain

On the northern edge of the attack of the 101st Airborne and located on the “higher” coastal road, Foucarville was to play a vital task in stopping the German counter-attack from Cherbourg. Four road blocks were created by the 502nd P.I.R during the night. Later, after the battle, a huge P.O.W camp was created here, that had up to 40.000 German prisoners!

In Beuzeville, a couple of miles away, took place a terrible accident when a C-47 crashed to the ground just after 01:00 a.m. The company headquarters and the young Lieutenant Meehan, who had recently replaced Sobel as the commanding officer of “Easy Company”, were on board of that Plane #66. As Meehan was reported missing, Lt. Winters took over, as depicted in the TV series “Band of Brothers”.